Dani Salazar

After our scheduled shoot was rained out on Tuesday morning, Dani and I were able to reschedule for Wednesday afternoon. However, evidently it was Baylor senior picture day and no one told us. We ran into at least 6 other people taking senior photos! It was crazy. But, in spite on the craziness, Dani and I were able to have a really productive session.

Dani is a political science major and after she graduates she will be moving to DC to pursue a career in public policy. In the meantime, Dani will intern at the Capitol next year while applying to law schools. Good luck, Dani! From our little bit of time together I have no doubt that you will do great things!

(Special shoutout to Tim and Keon. Thanks for letting us borrow you to throw glitter, guys. I honestly think you could put it on your resumes: Professional Glitterers.)